Version 0.8

List of issues and tasks for 0.8

  • Implemented
    • Layout theme: About
    • Layout theme: Campaign
    • Layout theme: Dashboard
    • Layout theme: Events
    • Layout theme: Journals
    • Layout theme: Handouts
    • Layout theme: Establishments
    • Layout theme: Treasure
    • Layout theme: Bestiary
    • Layout theme: Encyclopedia
    • Layout theme: Profiles
    • Layout theme: Settings
    • Printing support: Events
    • Printing support: Journals
    • Printing support: Handouts
    • Printing support: Establishments
    • Printing support: Treasure
    • Printing support: Encyclopedia
    • Currency support
  • Planned tasks
    • Printing support: Campaign
    • Printing support: Characters
    • Printing support: Dashboard
    • Printing support: Bestiary
    • Fine-tune GUI for Windows and Mac OS
    • Verify in Windows and Mac OS

Version 0.9

List of issues and tasks for 0.9

  • Profiles Set world profiles with calendars, weather, encylopedias, currencies etc. for different systems (e.g. Harnworld, Merp etc)
  • Campaign Based on a profile. Basic information for the campaign.
  • Sessions Notetaking from each session
    Dashboard Overview of important data.
  • Events Part of a campaign
  • Journals Part of a campaign
  • Notes Part of a campaign
  • Establishments Part of a campaign
  • Treasure Part of a campaign
  • Bestiary Based on the profile.
  • Encyclopedia Part of a campaign and based on a profile.

Version 1.0

Release version

List of issues and tasks for 1.0

  • Bugfixes
  • GUI improvements
  • Stability fixes