Fantasy Campaign Manager, currently in development, is an aid for the Game Master when planning, researching, documenting, and organizing role-playing sessions and campaigns. It draws heavily upon the predecessor, Harn Campaign Manager, which is developed for Columbia Games roleplaying world system Harnworld.

With Fantasy Campaign Manager the scope is widened to support most Fantasy worlds – eventually, an upgrade path will be available for owners of Harn Campaign Manager.



FCM is all about campaigns. The campaing is the core of the software, where the GM adds planning for a session as well as notes from the session. Each Campaign uses a profile, where the profile defines which calendar, events, establishment and beasts are used in the campaign.


Campaigns have a number of major characters who have abilities and a history in the campaign. For each character descriptive information such as appearance, wealth etc. may be record.

The character can be a PC or a NPC, with it’s own journal entries and treasure items.


The Dashboard shows current events, weather and journal entries for five days.


The Events section displays single or recurring events, such as religious or cultural festivals. All religious and other events are included.


In Journals, Campaign history is record along with player chronicles and other important stuff.



Create a handy handout or note for the campaign, including graphics and text.


”How much for that suit of armour? 100 silver? No way!”

Establishments lists prices, margins and number of employees for establishments.


In Treasure, valuable items and artifacts can be stored and tracked using owners name or item ID number.


All beasts at your fingertips – need an aquatic filter feeder or a coastal carnivore? You will find it in the Beastiary!


When was King Chafin born? And what is a Mang? And how many inhabitants are there in Cherafir? All this and more may be stored in the Encylcopedia!